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G Pen & Herbology Are Changing the Concentrates Game

G Pen & Herbology Are Changing the Concentrates Game
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G Pen & Herbology Are Changing the Concentrates Game

Grenco Science and Herbology have partnered up to offer the purest extracts and terpene profiles for the ultimate vaping experience.

G Pen is renowned for their cutting-edge innovation and the company’s latest release, the GIO, is no exception. Partnering with Herbology, a Californian cannabis extract company known for its medical-grade extracts, G Pen has ensured its pre-filled cartridges are the best on the market.

G Pen worked closely with Herbology on the development and design of the GIO. Together, both companies tested prototype equipment to ensure the pen didn’t leak or leech any toxic elements into the extracts. Additionally, the formulation of the oil that fills the cartridges was optimized to provide the best user experience possible.

What Sets Herbology Extracts Apart?

Established in 2011, Herbology is one the best cannabis extraction facilities in California. It has established a reputation for being a pioneer in testing and analyzing cannabinoids and terpene extraction that preserves both flavor and efficacy. This puts Herbology in a unique position of delivering consistent, premium cannabis products to hospitals and researchers from the highly variable cannabis plant.

“Careful chemistry is the key to consistency,” said Dr. Neil Spingarn, chief science officer at Herbology.

By carefully controlling conditions, Spingarn’s team is able to isolate different components of the cannabis plant and reassemble them.

Spingarn has made his career in drug development and drug testing after training in organic chemistry and pharmacology. Beginning his career in the cannabis industry after California adopted adult-use cannabis in 2016, he has been working on converting the extracts into pharmaceutical-grade products for both medical and recreational users ever since.

“All of the training and projects I’ve working on in my career have led me to be able to make a serious impact on improving the state-of-the-art in cannabis manufacturing,” Spingarn said.


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Herbology’s Extraction Process

By building an ISO-certified cleanroom facility to pharmaceutical specifications, Herbology can process cannabis the same way any drug is manufactured in the U.S. The facility is equipped with proprietary scientific machinery to ensure that all of the beneficial components of cannabis are retained.

“This was a complex and expensive design and construction project, but it allows us to make medicines that physicians can have confidence in for clinical studies,” said Spingarn.

Herbology uses CO2 extraction.

“Our methods take longer and are more complicated than most CO2 extraction systems, but we have adapted the technique to meet our needs rather than just using an off-the-shelf extractor,” said Spingarn.

A lot of time and effort goes into analyzing its products to ensure consistency in the extracts.

“The only way to put the parts back together properly is to know that each part has been measured accurately and adjust the amounts to yield the desired composition,” said  Spingarn. “We spent many years working on how to disassemble the plant’s chemistry and put all the parts back so that each batch could be extremely close to the target composition. This consistency for a broad-spectrum product is very difficult and not found in the industry.”

The Future

Spingarn and his team have conducted extensive research into other products on the market and discovered some surprising, and disappointing, industry practices.

“We surveyed all the products we could obtain at a local dispensary and found the labeling was so far from actual content as to be ludicrous,” said Spingarn. “Originally, this was due to companies mislabeling their own products. Now it is due to problems with the licensed testing labs and manufacturing inhomogeneity.

“Second, there are parts of the plant that are ignored by current researchers and I feel, based on understanding the chemistry of the plant, could be quite important in the physiological actions of cannabis. We are isolating these components so that proper clinical studies can be performed to understand their role.”

Indeed, Herbology is setting a high standard for the next stage of the cannabis industry evolution.

“You expect every can of soda to taste the same. You expect every dose of aspirin to function like the last one,” Spingarn said. “You should expect every vape cartridge or capsule from a cannabis manufacturer to taste the way it is labeled and have exactly the same effect on you. This can only happen when the dose and composition are tightly controlled. This is the next step in our industry and everyone will have to catch up to our approach.”

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