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Flower Lover’s Product Review Guide

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Flower Lover’s Product Review Guide

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Flower Lover’s Product Review Guide

We’ve assembled some of the best products to pair with all your beautiful buds.

These products are designed to make your next sesh even more enjoyable. They are all made with cannabis flowers, as opposed to concentrates, in mind and should help with things like organization and achieving the perfect grind for your buds. We’ve assembles some of our favorite flower accessories below. Have you tried any of the products on this list?

Nail Crown Flower Edition

If you’ve spent any time on the cup and/or sesh circuit, chances are you’ve seen the glob-oriented predecessor of this flower-focused Nail Crown. The Flower Edition maintains the same iconic design — a flashy, oversized silicone take on the rook and queen pieces from a classic Staunton chess set. But instead of an assortment of dab tools, the Flower Edition offers a veritable bliss army knife for smoking raw herb: a silicone-coated grinder, large and small crutches, a “one-hitter” pipe and more. Give yourself (or the bud lover in your life) the royal treatment with this high-utility item from Cruz Culture.

Alpaca Grinder

The Alpaca Grinder puts a fresh spin on an old standby in the smoker’s arsenal. The simple but elegant design uses the classic circular grinding action to power a unique vortex sifter contained in a clear, durable plastic cone that dispenses weed while you grind. The shape of the grinder, coupled with the dispensing mechanism, makes loading a bowl while grinding a snap, hence the punny name; who’ll pack your bowl? Alpaca bowl (say it out loud). This innovative ganja grater also streamlines the process of rolling a joint or blunt and makes a great addition to the already established stash.

Stash Logix Bags And Containers
$4 to $89

It doesn’t matter if you grow and smoke your own or strictly stick to store-bought exotics — you’ve got to stash it somewhere. So why not keep your cannabis stash secure and organized with a comprehensive storage solution from Stash Logix? From their basic jars and stylish but inexpensive bamboo containers up to their all-inclusive stash bags in three sizes (GoStash, EcoStash and ProStash), all equipped with an integrated, three-digit programmable lock, adjustable dividers, activated bamboo charcoal odor filters, glass jars and more, Stash Logix is the logical choice for those seeking the most stash for their cash.

Controlla Clip

This item is pure novelty fun. We fully encourage taking a break from gaming to smoke a proper joint, but when it’s down to the roach why not clip it on your video game controller and continue blazing though levels and premium chronic at the same time? These roach clips come adaptable to different video game consoles and there’s also an Android phone adapter. The Controlla Clips are super silly, but are an almost guaranteed a laugh and come at a great price for gifting to friends.

Genius Pipe
$60 to $120

Utilizing the same advanced micro-ventilation cooling technology as the fastest computer cooling system in the world, the sleek, innovative design and styling of the Genius Pipe makes for one of the smoothest smoking experiences around. By utilizing the natural filtering and cooling effects of pulling air through millions of “micro vortices,” this breathtakingly advanced pipe delivers a decidedly organic and natural-tasting cannabis experience that has to be tasted to be believed. And with a light edition starting at just under $60, it doesn’t take a genius to decide to give this next-generation smoking system a try.

Originally published in Issue 25 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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