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Customize Your Vape Experience With Dr. Dabber x AHOL Sniffs Glue

AHOL Sniffs Glue
Photos courtesy of Dr. Dabber


Customize Your Vape Experience With Dr. Dabber x AHOL Sniffs Glue

Dr. Dabber has collaborated with AHOL Sniffs Glue to release a limited edition vaporizer pen showcasing the artist’s signature droopy eyelid design.

Art has evolved. Across the globe, local artists share their culture and unique perspective of and with the world around them. One such visionary, known for his dynamic murals and Miami history, has teamed up with Dr. Dabber. This exclusive, (and yes, authorized) collaboration with AHOL Sniffs Glue promises to keep fans both artistically aware and happy.

The art of David Anasagasti, known throughout the 305 and around the world as AHOL Sniffs Glue, carries a wild history. His work festoons the Miami area’s Wynwood neighborhood with colors and signature textures. Even after a hit-and-run left him for dead in 2012, AHOL proves that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

This staple of street art continues to expand. From curating art exhibits to creating short films, his love of his hometown and the art community radiate outward like the mist of a spray can. He even opened a souvenir-kiosk pop-up on Flagler Street in 2017, and his prints sell for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars.

AHOL’s art hit global recognition through a good deal of controversy. American Eagle dropped down on Miami for some authentic local flair to augment their clothing campaign several years ago, shooting models in front of his murals and reprinting the images in stores and online, creating an entire theme from the art. However, they failed to contact, compensate, or even recognize the artist. AHOL successfully sued the company in 2014 in a landmark artist’s rights case.

AHOL Sniffs Glue x Dr. Dabber

AHOL’s latest endeavor takes a homage to his history and brings that flavor to the world of vaporizers. Dr. Dabber unveiled a limited edition vaporizer pen showcasing AHOL’s signature droopy eyelid design that is must-have.

Long-time fans of AHOL’s award-winning work, the Dr. Dabber team asked him to decorate their award-winning vaporizer. They started with their beautiful Aurora low heat, variable voltage, fully magnetic vape pen. The Dr. Dabber x AHOL limited edition comes in a faux spray paint can, and available in either Biscayne Blue/White or Heat Red/Black colorways.

The kit also boasts a custom AHOL honey mat, atomizers, hat/lapel pin, charging dock, dab tool and silicon storage container. Each Aurora comes with three interchangeable heating elements, to customize the premium vaping experience depending on vaping material.

Dr. Dabber’s collab with AHOL is the latest in a long line of premium vaporizer pen successes. Their first Limited Edition, the Aurora Flight, gave 33 percent of proceeds to the charity Grow for Vets.

From the Aurora to the Boost, the Ghost to the Light, every vaporizer maximizes vapor and flavor. With titanium low heat technology, quartz rod and ceramic elements for full-bodied flavor, and the power of a tabletop unit in a discreet portable size, you can trust the doctor.

In addition to the prestige of a limited edition piece of functional art, four lucky customers will find golden tickets, rewarding them each with an original AHOL painted canvas works of art.

It doesn’t get better than this… or does it? Cannabis Now readers also receive an exclusive 15 percent off of their purchase with the code “AHOLXDRDABBERCN”.

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