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AirTHC Connects Toking Tourists With Weed-Friendly Lodging

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AirTHC Connects Toking Tourists With Weed-Friendly Lodging

Ever since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, stoners across the country have been making vacation plans to catch a buzz in this western promise land that high society has deemed the Amsterdam of America. Unfortunately, curious travelers are finding out the hard way that not all of the lodging options inside this bizarre hub of marijuana tourism are pot-friendly.

However, a new website called AirTHC hopes to bridge the gap between reefer ripped day trippers and the smoke filled amenities of high housing. The site, which is will be launched in May, offers pro-pot property owners an avenue to post vacation rentals, party homes and even spare bedrooms online for toking tourists to take advantage of during their visit.

“While marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado, those who enjoy a good smoke do not have carte blanche to light up wherever they like. AirTHC provides those traveling to Colorado with a comfortable, private, safe place to light up—and be left alone” according to their website.

The laws against public consumption in Colorado are strict, and there are not any pot bars or coffee shops that allow patrons to smoke weed in their establishment. In addition, marijuana has been banned from many ski resorts and even in the majority of major hotel chains.

“Tourism in Colorado, especially in the greater Denver area, has skyrocketed since the passing of these laws. Yet, according to a January 2014 report by the New York Daily News, there are only 600 hotel rooms in the area that permit smoking. AirTHC provides property owners a way to cash in on the boom.”

The goal of AirTHC, according to founder Greg Drinkwater, is to provide marijuana enthusiasts with something he did not have after the new laws took effect: assistance in locating marijuana-friendly accommodations as well as information about area dispensaries, restaurants and music venues.

“When the new laws started, I was in a hotel and I was like ‘what can I do?'” Drinkwater told Mashable. “There’s really no place for out-of-towners to take advantage of the law.”

Although the site is new, Drinkwater says they have already added a number of listings, from a five-bedroom, luxury estate to a downtown studio apartment. Colorado residents interested in renting out property using AirTHC can fill out the form on the company’s website.

Are you more likely to visit Colorado if you have a safe place to consume legal cannabis? Tell us in the comments below!

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