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A Journey for Oil


A Journey for Oil

For many families throughout the U.S., cannabis is the only thing that helps to assuage the painful and unrelenting symptoms of their loved ones medical condition. Unfortunately, most of them find it unimaginably difficult to get the medicine they need because it’s illegal in their state. There has been example after example of how cannabis can be an effective treatment for a myriad of conditions from alzheimer’s to brain tumors. The American Academy of Pediatrics even supports more medical cannabis research. Yet, the federal government has refused to make the necessary legislative changes that would transforms the lives of those who are needlessly suffering.

For parents, watching their children’s health deteriorate before their eyes is too much to handle. Like the families in Missouri who await the implementation of CBD-oil laws in hopes of finally having access to a harmless plant that provides immeasurable healing benefits, many people are trying their best to be patient with the politics and the process. For some, though, they can’t wait any longer and must uproot their families to another state or make the choice to illegally obtain cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The video below shares the journey of one family who has courageously made the decision to transport cannabis oil — despite the legal ramifications — in order to help their 3-year-old daughter’s battle with epilepsy. In it, they share their story and a struggle that many families with ailing relatives can relate to.

Do you use medical cannabis oil to help with your symptoms? Share your experience in the comments.

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