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5 Hour High Shot Coming to Washington State Dispensaries

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5 Hour High Shot Coming to Washington State Dispensaries

Need a quick but lasting dose of THC? Alternaturals and Kush Creams have got it covered.

The Michigan-based company, best known for creating natural remedies for common ailments from allergies to insomnia, has recently teamed up with the award-winning topical cannabis company based in Washington to produce and distribute their 5 Hour High shot.

As the name suggests, the shot-style beverage is made with a healthy dose of marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredient and is designed to improve mood and boost energy levels after it’s consumed.

Megan Schwarting, co-owner of Kush Creams, is delighted to be a part of introducing this product onto the market during such a thrilling time in the cannabis industry — particularly in Washington.

“Things have definitely changed since 2010. When we first started our business, there weren’t even 10 dispensaries here,” she said. “I could almost count them on one hand.”

The 5 Hour High shot is projected to be released by the beginning of next year and will only be sold in 350 dispensaries throughout the state of Washington. Right now the product is in the testing phase with lab and patient tests being administered for quality assurance with highly positive results.

Alternaturals CEO Emmanuel Gyamfi shared with the Digital Journal that the company was “extremely excited to be working with Kush Creams on this project because in an emerging market, such as this, you really have to go with the best if you want to have a long term stake in the industry.”

With the legalization of recreational cannabis use in Washington, non-smoking methods of medicating are anticipated to continue rising in popularity.

“It’s fun to be in the forefront of the industry,” Schwarting said. “It’s fun to be leaders during such an exciting time in Washington.”

So, how does it taste? And, most importantly, does it really work for five hours?

When asked, Megan was genuinely enthusiastic when she said that the shot is awesome and definitely does the job for at least five hours, “if not six.”

Would you try the 5 Hour High shot? Tell us in the comments below.

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